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3 Ways Commercial Painting Can Enhance Safety and Functionality of Your Commercial Building

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Most commercial building owners don't see the need to paint their commercial buildings, considering the kind of production and manufacturing work that takes place there. Painting or repainting shouldn't just be done to an office building or a residential facility; even industrial and commercial facilities such as warehouses should be painted to boost their value and look appealing. You don't just need to know which industrial or commercial building to paint and when to paint it but also the paint colours to use and for what purpose. How can commercial painting help you enhance safety and functionality in your commercial building? Read on!

To Mark Escape Points During Emergencies

Painting a commercial building doesn't just involve creating a great business atmosphere and increasing curb appeal. You also need to use paint colours that can help your workers and customers easily identify escape routes when an emergency like a fire occurs. Make your employees understand that emergencies are sometimes inevitable in commercial buildings due to the activities and operations taking place there. Professional commercial painters know the paint colours to use on the emergency routes so the workers can escape easily when emergencies occur. They use bold red paint on the walls above the fire equipment to enhance emergency responses among the workers, and this helps to minimise injuries and accidents.

To Send a Caution Message

Workers in commercial or industrial buildings handle risky tasks and activities that could expose them to injuries. However, you can use some paint colours to caution them to be a little more careful while working to avoid unnecessary accidents. For instance, if you want the workers to approach some areas with extra caution due to the risks involved, use brighter paint colours on the walls with red symbols or lettering on them. If you use dull paint colours on the building areas with heavy equipment traffic, more fatal accidents may happen. Use bright paint colours like yellow to indicate the areas that unauthorised personnel shouldn't access.

To Save on Energy Costs

Most commercial buildings like the warehouses are dark most of the time, causing the employees, customers and other users to depend on artificial lighting. If you keep the lights on even during the day, your monthly energy expenses will increase. However, using bright paint colours on the interior walls of the commercial building would help increase energy savings. You would then redirect the annual energy savings to other business functions to help it grow and expand. Bright paint colours don't absorb light — they reflect it, causing the dark areas to look brighter. Although you would still need some artificial lighting after painting the interiors, you may not require much of it as you used to before.

Appearance isn't the only aspect that determines how your commercial building should be painted; safety concerns will also influence it. However, you might not know how to integrate these aspects into your painting project without commercial painting experts to guide you. Professional painters also know the paint colours they could use to enhance the functionality of your commercial facility.

To learn more, contact a commercial painting company.