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Two Reasons to Have Your Commercial Property’s Car Park Lines Created by a Painter

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If you need to add parking lines to the car park on your commercial property, you should not attempt to paint them but should have them created by a professional painter. Here are two reasons why. 

Wonky car park lines could result in drivers damaging each other's vehicles 

Painting car park lines is not as simple as it may seem and if you do the work yourself, and don't have the eye for detail or the painting skills needed for the job, you'll probably end up producing some very wonky car park lines. Aside from making your property's car park look bad, crooked lines could also easily lead to the drivers who try to park in this space damaging one another's vehicles.

For example, if you paint these lines in a way that results in some of them not being parallel to each other, and a driver then uses these lines to guide them into the correct parking position, they'll end up parking at an angle that will result in their vehicle not being parallel to the ones on either side of theirs. When they or their passengers then open their doors, there will be a greater chance of one of these doors banging into the vehicle that is parked closest to their own incorrectly-parked car. This could cause both them and the other vehicle owner lots of stress. Furthermore, if it is found that your car park's badly-painted lines caused the incident, you might have the cover the expenses of fixing the damaged vehicle door.

If however, a painter produces these lines, they will do their work extremely carefully and will ensure that not only are the parking spaces' dimensions correct but also that the lines themselves are parallel to each other. This could allow you to avoid the aforementioned scenario.

The paintwork might not last as long if you do it yourself

Another reason to book a painter to create your car park's lines is that if you do it yourself, there's a chance that the paint will peel off far more quickly than it would if the lines were made by a professional. This is largely due to the fact that you're unlikely to know much about paint application and so may apply the paint badly.

For example, if you saturate your brush with too much paint and apply all of it at once when creating a line, instead of adding many thin layers, that single, thick layer of paint may not adhere to the ground as thoroughly as several thinner layers would, and so could come off in one go after a few months of being subjected to both foot and vehicle traffic.

If this were to happen, you would either need to repeat this process again by yourself (and potentially experience the same unsatisfactory results) or you'd need to book a painter to fix the damaged lines. As such, it would be best to have the job done by a painter in the first place.

Contact a service provider to learn more about the process of painting car park lines.