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Preparing and Painting Wooden Sidings on Your Home: A Guide

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If you have a home which had wood sidings, it is important that you paint them on a regular basis. If you do, the wood may become damaged by moisture and the effects of being exposed to harsh climatic conditions. When properly painted on a regular basis, wood sidings can last for many years. Below is a guide which details the steps you should take to prepare wood sidings before you paint them.

Assess the level of dirt and grime

While wood siding can be beautiful to look at, unfortunately, it is also an easy target for birds who need to poop and for dust and debris which are blown onto your property. For these reasons, it won't take long for the wood sidings on your home to become covered in dirt and debris. Before beginning to paint the wood sidings on your property, you should assess the level of dirt and grime and then take steps to remove it. You should never paint directly over dirt and grime, as this will lock it in with the surface of the wood and could result in serious damage.

Gather your tools

The best way to clean the wood siding on your property is to use an industrial power washer. The power washer will allow you to quickly remove even the toughest spots of dirt and debris without having to climb a ladder. However, if you do not have access to a power washer, you may wish to do it the old fashioned way. Simply collect a bucket, a sponge and a ladder. You should also recruit someone else to hold the ladder for you while you climb and work at height

Mix detergent

Before you begin work, you should make a mixture using warm water and soap detergent. This mixture should then be added to the pressure water or the bucket if you are using the old fashioned method. 

Use the right technique 

When cleaning the wooden siding, you should wash them from the bottom edge up to the top. Doing so will prevent any water entering underneath the siding and into your property. Once you have washed the entire wooden siding, you should allow it to dry out completely.

Begin painting

Once the wooden siding is dry, you can set to work applying a new coat of paint. You should apply the paint evenly and allow it to dry before covering the area using a sealant to protect the fresh coat of paint from damage. If you would like further advice about preparing and painting wooden sidings on your home, you should contact a professional painting service today.