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Various Types of Finishes to Consider For a Painting Project

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Besides selecting the right colour coordination when embarking on a painting project at your commercial premises, you should also take note of the finishes that you should use. These finishes provide different benefits including easy washability, light enhancement and more. Your choice of finish will depend on the room that you will be painting, the amount of maintenance it will require to stay pristine as well as the coverage that you need. So what are some of the various types of finishes that you could consider for your painting project?

A flat finish

A flat finish is commonly referred to as a matte finish. It is a suitable option if you are looking to conceal any flaw or imperfections that may be on the surface of your walls. As such, flat finishes will typically be applied to older buildings that have acquired wear and tear over the years. It should be noted that a flat finish would not be suitable for rooms that will require frequent washing. For instance, the matte finish would be ideal for an office space but may not be appropriate for a commercial warehouse.

A gloss finish

As the name implies, this type of finish will provide your walls with a glossy shine. It is one of the more durable types of finishes that you could choose. Thus, it should come as no surprise that it is also one of the pricier options that you could consider. Gloss finishes are also ideal if you are looking to highlight areas of the room such as door frames, mouldings and other architectural elements. Another advantage of the gloss finish is that it is highly washable. Therefore, you could use this paint finish for frequently used spaces without having to worry about the colour fading from regular cleaning. Nonetheless, gloss finishes do come with a drawback, which is they tend to accentuate any imperfections on the wall.

An eggshell finish

This type of finish is a cross between a flat finish and a gloss finish. It is not as subdues as a matte finish would be, but neither is it has shiny as its matte counterparts. Eggshell finishes are ideal for office spaces that are moderately used such as a boardroom, as they will be able to withstand occasional cleaning as long as they are not being dirtied on a consistent basis. An eggshell finish also slightly reflect the light in the room making the walls it is painted on appear brighter than normal.