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Open Up Your Bedroom With 3 Paint Ideas

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People spend a significant portion of their day in their bedrooms, even if it is just to sleep, so they may want the place to reflect a warm and uncluttered feel. In fact, your bedroom needs to provide an enabling environment for rest and relaxation, which means that it should not feel closed in and claustrophobic. Paint can produce just the effect you're looking for, so use these ideas to open up your bedroom beautifully.

Plan Subtle Sheen Effects

Subtle sheen can soften the look of a bedroom, which makes it a good choice, depending on the kind of look you want. Eggshell produces a stunning sheen to walls and reflects light slightly to open up a small bedroom, apart from creating a warm finish. Satin sheen can give the bedroom a more regal and open appearance thanks to its lustrous finish and can also add a touch of warmth to your bedroom. Flat finishes are non-reflective, so they don't have the same open appearance as the others. Ultimately, the finish you choose will depend on how much you want to open up the bedroom, but sheen can add a beautiful sense of openness to the space.

Choose A Colour That Pops With Openness

Colour makes the biggest impact on the open feel of a bedroom because of its variable reflective properties. As a general rule, lighter colours tend to reflect light more easily than darker colours, so choose shades like off-whites, beiges, taupes, greys, yellows and whites to give the room a sense of space. On the other hand, darker colours like browns, blues and greens may have a beautiful sense of character, but they can make the room feel smaller because they don't reflect light as easily as lighter shades.

Stick With A Single Shade For All Bedroom Walls

As tempting as it can be to use different colours or different shades of the same colour, a small bedroom can appear even smaller. To prevent this from happening, consider sticking with a single shade throughout all the walls in your bedroom. Not only does this give the place a sense of uncluttered openness, but it is also easier to blend in different elements of your bedroom for a cohesive finish. In many instances, less is more; so don't try to get too bold with too many paint colours for your bedroom.

Opening up your bedroom can make it feel like a true haven for relaxation, so let these ideas shape the way you think for your own space.